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Welcome to Yamann

We are from Switzerland. We rent bungalows
in the vivacious village Manzanillo
on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

We offer travelers a comfortable and clean accommodation "in the village of Manzanillo".

Own fridge in the cottage, fans, Mosquito protection (windows and gable) to nets over bed



towels and cleaning every day, hot showers, Laundryservice.

Outdoor Kitchen cook for themselves.

Free Coffee in the Kitchen. wifi in the houses.


No TV and no pool, no pets allowed.
Children are welcome and up to 10 years old, lives with her parents for free

Andy the cook now has its own restaurant.
"Cool and Calm" by the sea, he no longer cooks in our kitchen.
For this, every day (except Tuesday) at the restaurant.


Andy in the kitchen of Yamann

Manzanillo : 

A place where time stands still.
At Easter and at weekends the beach is a favorite of local people.
With fantastic snorkeling and fishing opportunities. Caribbean wild.

The village is on a beautiful beach. Round this is the jungle, full of life and adventures. Home to over 100 different bird species. Monkeys, sloths, and much more. Which also visit the village from time to time. The sea is home to dolphins and manatees ....

Manzanillo is a 250-year-old fishing village, originally settled by fishermen searching for the hawksbill sea turtle. They first settled at Monkey Point (Punta Mona), later traveling a few miles north to settle in what is today known as Manzanillo. The village has developed slowly, mainly due to limited infrastructure – electricity arrived to the area in the 1980s, and telephone service first became available in 2000.
In 1985, the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge was established.

Services & Facilities:
There are no ATMs, banks, gas stations or pharmacies in Manzanillo. The closest medical facility is the Hone Creek clinic. For all banking and most other needs, Puerto Viejo should suffice.